Transformación Digital

With the integration of new technologies in companies, a series of needs appear.

One of them is the digital transformationl, which consists of incorporating technological tools that can help us manage our documentation in a more agile way.

It is no surprise to hear that you are thinking about incorporating a document management system into your company, but we must know well what a document manager is, what aspects we should take into account when selecting it and the advantages it can bring us.

A document management software or system It encompasses all computer programs created to manage, store and control the workflow of large quantities of electronic documents, images or digitized documents.

The advantage more important What should be highlighted is that we will not have to waste more time filing and searching for paper documentation, since, as we all know, time is money, and a lot is wasted working with paper information.

In this case, we will improve productivity and save costs and time, all advantages.

We can also highlight:

  • Homologation: with a document manager that manages the processes, the procedures could be unified into a single one, establishing the same model for the entire process. The procedures would no longer be executed separately.
  • Compliance with safety regulations: Document management software is designed to comply with the
  • Mobility: Most of the systems are developed as 100% web platforms, so they adapt to the requirement of mobility and being able to be connected at any time and from any place.
  • Long-term preservation of electronic documents.
  • Avoid the loss of documents.
  • Collaborative work: different departments and users can work at the same time with the preparation or modification of documents. But the document management system must adapt to our needs, which is why it is very important to choose well. Some of the requirements that the document manager should meet may be:
  • Workflows, in which we can define the actions that have to be carried out.
  • Powerful search engine, which makes it easier for us to find the documents or information we need at the necessary time.

Document digitization, since it would be inefficient to maintain documentation on paper.

Version system, which allows us to compare the changes in files we are working on easily and quickly.

Comments and notices, that help us communicate with the rest of the workers, and that take weight off our company email.

In addition, we leave some tips or questions that should be taken into account when choosing which document manager we are going to implement in our company.

1. Sector in which the activity is carried out.

Depending on the sector you work in, the documents may vary. The need must be evaluated depending on whether more specific legislation is needed, if a very specific set of requirements is needed for the sector...

2. Basic characteristics of the company. We should take into account the size, the mobility of your staff, and other software with which the document manager can be complemented.

3. What documents are digitized. The choice of the document manager will depend on the documents that need to be stored, so we must take into account the type of documents that we are going to archive.

4. Free or paid manager? If we expect a complete and professional solution, we should opt for a paid document manager. In addition, it will offer you adequate support and training, not to mention that it will offer security and privacy standards that a free one cannot offer.

5. Who is going to use the document manager. If workers can work mobile, it is important that the manager can be consulted from any computer or mobile device.

In summary, we must know well what needs we need to cover and how to do it, in addition to being very clear about what advantages the implementation of document management software will bring to our business.


Manu Martinez