Mejores Gestores Documentales 2024

 What is a Document Manager and what is it for? Principal functions:

A DMS (doccupancy Management Yesystem or Document Management System) allows companies to create, receive, classify, store, search and retrieve digital documents in a simple and efficient way within a single database. In addition to correct organization and classification of documents, files and files .

On the other hand, a document manager supports various document formats such as .xml, .doc, .pdf, which are the most used, as well as supporting other more technical formats in certain sectors.

One of the most important functions is optical character recognition (OCR), since it is essential to start with the digitization of paper documents and subsequently apply this recognition to the document to identify the content, adapting it to our storage principles and needs.

Last but not least, we can define the attributes that will define the hierarchy by which the documents in the database will be automatically structured.

Main advantages and benefits of using a DMS:

  1. Saving time when searching for documents and Since everything is in a single database, we can search by file name and document content with OCR. This saves a lot of time because it is much faster and easier to search for the document using these parameters.
  2. Automation and streamlining of tasks Due to the workflows, we avoid duplication, the loss of documents and we do not have to consult the physical document since it is digitized.
  3. Ensures that document data is kept secure from creation to deletion. They are kept or destroyed in a secure and encrypted way, saving space on the
  4. Guarantees the preservation of the most important and sensitive documents of the
  5.  It offers great security to customers. By working with the documents within the program we can have several users deal with the same documents without having to share them externally, which is why it offers great
  6. Allows access control. Within the document manager we can indicate different permissions for users, such as indicating which documents a user has access to based on their role in the company or to which area.
  7. Ensures compliance with current safety regulations 

DMS ranking in 2024:

1.    Exact Synergy DMS:
• Offers a complete solution for business digitalization.
• Integrates a process manager and a document management system.
• Enables digital storage, classification, file security and recovery, and indexing.

2.    DocuWare:
• Provides a simplified document manager.
• Facilitates digitization, automation of flows and approvals.
• Ideal for companies looking for an efficient solution.

3.    Woffu:
• Combines document management with presence control.
• Allows digitization, automation of flows and analysis.
• It is especially useful for human resource management.

4.    Tickelia:
• Focused on document management of expenses.
• Offers digitalization, flow automation and expense tracking.
• Ideal for companies that need to control and manage their expenses efficiently.

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